Custom Area Rugs

You define the style, color, size, shape and border for your personalized rug.


Carpet Borders

Choose any carpet style from our Fashion and Pattern Destination displays


Leather Borders

Leather borders come in three colors


Use Fashion or Pattern Destination carpet to create: Custom Rugs | Stairs | Runners

Choose Your Style

Choose from a huge selection of carpet styles on our Fashion Destination and Pattern Destination displays to create your perfect rug. Geometrics, florals, loops, scrolls, shags and textures are all available for your mind to explore.

Choose Your Color

Choose from grays, golds, greens, blues, reds, violets and just about any color you can imagine.

Choose Your Border

Three binding options are available for your area rug. Choose wide fabric in 25 colors, leather in 3 colors or serged binding in coordinating colors. You can even choose to use different carpet styles as a border. The fabric and leather bindings are finished with mitered corners for a tailored look. Any of these options provide a perfect finish for your custom area rug.

Choose Your Shape

Rectangles, squares or rounds will complete your room just as you envisioned.

Choose Your Size

Your new rug can be just about any size you choose from huge to miniature. From a runner down the hall to using it on your stairs, talk to us about your options.

Fabric Border Colors

Leather Border Colors